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Countryside Chic: Incorporating Farmhouse Styling in Your Home

From urban modern to shabby chic, there are many interior decorating styles to choose from. In recent years, farmhouse styling has become an exceptionally popular choice for homeowners across the country. Here’s a closer look at the easy yet elegant ethos of farmhouse interior design, along with tips for pulling it off in your home.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

If you’ve ever seen Joanna Gaines work her magic on television, then you’re familiar with farmhouse interior design. Refined yet relaxed, farmhouse style is all about chic comfort.

This interior design motif can be broken down into two categories: traditional and modern. While traditional farmhouse style leans toward the shabby chic trend of the early 90s, modern farmhouse is more in line with the less overtly feminine style espoused by Gaines.

Exposed wood beams, wide-plank flooring, brick walls, and rustic, distressed finishes are hallmarks of this style. Metals are also common, especially in darker colors and brushed finishes. Neutral hues, an intermingling of textures, greenery, and cozy yet restrained accessories like soft pillows, barn-style lighting, natural fiber rugs, and knitted blankets add character and comfort.

The Benefits of Farmhouse Style

Marked by clean lines and harmonious colors, farmhouse style is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye. If the phrase “simple yet sophisticated” describes you and your preferred decorating aesthetic, then you can’t go wrong with this design choice.

However, unlike some other decorating approaches which prioritize how a space looks, farmhouse style puts equal stock in how a room feels to its inhabitants. While farmhouse spaces look cohesive and pulled together, they’re also inherently livable. Forget about fragile rooms that feel more like museums – farmhouse is both practical and welcoming.

Embracing Farmhouse Style in Your Living Space

If you’re a homeowner looking to incorporate farmhouse style into your own living areas, we’ve got great news for you: One of the best things about this style is how easy it is to work with. Whether you’re decorating an entire house or looking to freshen up your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with farmhouse style living room furniture and more, this interior design approach can be introduced in a variety of ways.

A few of our favorite design schemes? For the kitchen or dining room, we love the laid-back yet luxurious vibe of our Farmhouse Kitchen IslandFarmhouse Dining Chairs, and Farmhouse Dining Table. Or, for a complete look, our Farmhouse Dining Set creates instant ambiance during quiet nights at home or for gatherings of friends and family.

Farmhouse style’s crisp but cozy aesthetic is also appealing in bedrooms. Look no further than our Farmhouse Nightstand with DrawersFarmhouse NightstandFarmhouse DresserFarmhouse Loft Bed, and Barnwood Farmhouse Dresser for a few examples of farmhouse style furniture that can turn your bedroom into a truly inviting escape.

Known for its beautiful handcrafted furniture, Croft + Spire and farmhouse style are a perfect fit. To add a little – or a lot – of farmhouse flair to your home, shop Croft + Spire today. Or, contact our team for assistance in designing your dream interior.