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For many, dressers and Bureaus (or chest of Drawers) are key pieces of bedroom furniture. A bureau is a tall vertical stack of drawers, often referred to as a chest of drawers, while a dresser is a wide, lower profile set of drawers. Both styles of furniture provide much needed storage space for a never ending clothing collection and complete a standard bedroom set. If your storage needs are minimal, one bedroom dresser might be enough, while others might require two or three. Although your bedroom furniture is need based, it’s also determined by the space in your room.

One might be better than another, depending on your needs and available space. The layout of your room will likely dictate your whether you should be shopping for a bureau or dresser — if you lack floor space, a tall narrow chest of drawers will take advantage of height, while dressers may be better suited for those with open wall space and the desire for more usable surface atop the furniture.

Match or complement your other bedroom pieces?  That is the question.

It’s your choice! Available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and woods, bedroom chests provide an elegant decorative and organizational option.

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