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Custom Corner Desks & 'L' Desks

Corner desks and ‘L’ desks are specially built for those wishing to maximize a particular space in their home or office or need extra room for work.

Finding the right desk for your home office has the potential to transform your space and the way you work in it. Do you have a dream for a custom corner or “L” desk and need a shop to build it for you?  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

Form Meets Function at Croft + Spire

The best furniture improves both the form and function of a space. Corner desks and L-shaped desks can cover both of these critical interior design concerns. In addition to their versatile shapes, these space-saving desks are loaded with functionality. File drawers, pencil drawers, laptop trays, and hutch tops with ample storage are just a few of the features you’ll get when you order a desk from Croft + Spire.

Another function-forward element of all Croft + Spire desks and other furniture is exceptional durability. Each piece we manufacture is handcrafted and built to order by Amish shops right here in the USA. Constructed of solid hardwood by master craftsmen with years of specialized training and experience, Croft + Spire furniture offers the unparalleled peace of mind that comes with knowing your furniture has been built to last.

Find the Perfect Home Office Desk

Wondering where to start when it comes to choosing an office desk? Perusing Croft + Spire’s many available options can help you understand what’s out there and what you want.

Take our Mission Corner Desk, for example. In addition to your choice of details such as wood type, paint or stain color, and hardwood, you can also configure elements like the orientation. The result is not only guaranteed to meet your exact needs; it’s also a one-of-a-kind piece of custom furniture.

Other versatile Croft + Spire corner desks include the Homestead Corner Desk, the simple yet sophisticated Shaker Corner Desk, and the bold and beautiful Boulder Creek executive office corner desk. However, these options are just the beginning. Other potential picks include the iconic and refined Grant Executive Corner Desk (a stylish, modern executive corner desk), the Atesa Executive Corner Desk, our striking Signature Custom Corner Desk, and our stately Lincoln Corner Desk.

The takeaway is clear: Whatever your personal design preferences, there’s a home office desk to suit them at Croft + Spire.

A Space-Saving Solution

Of course, no discussion of the functionality of corner and L-shaped executive desks is complete without mention of their compact shapes. With more people working from home today than ever before, many homeowners are interested in space-saving solutions. Whether you’re dealing with square footage constraints in a small home office or are looking to add a desk to create a workspace in a den or family room, corner and L-shaped desks offer a small footprint with the potential to integrate into their surroundings seamlessly.

While a large executive desk may be the right choice if you’re working with a lot of space, smaller rooms call for other options. Corner desks and “L” desks deliver in this respect. They’re also an excellent choice for homeowners looking to supplement their existing furniture with additional work space.

Make a Statement with Croft + Spire Furniture

Along with their remarkable functionality, our corner desks and “L” desks make extraordinary statements thanks to exquisite design elements like elegant styling details. We are also committed to using sustainably sourced domestic hardwood, which is carefully chosen for the construction of each new desk. Ongoing care is given as each piece is shaped, sanded, and assembled. The result? The highest quality possible and a true heirloom piece of furniture.

Additionally, because we build everything to order, we are not only happy to customize any furniture dimensions, but we can also follow other specifications.

Customize Your Corner or “L” Desk

At Croft + Spire, we know that all homeowners have different wants, needs, and interior design styles. Each piece of furniture in your home should harmoniously co-exist together, and office furniture is no exception. Not to mention that many people spend most of their waking hours in their offices; shouldn’t these spaces be as inviting and aesthetically pleasing as possible?

This is why we also offer complete customization of our desks and other furniture. No matter what you need, Croft + Spire is here to help.

Q: What is the difference between an L-shaped desk and a corner desk?

A: The difference between an L desk and a corner desk is in how the face panel on the return of the desk is finished. A corner desk has a simply finished return face panel that is meant to be pushed into a corner; against a wall and not viewed by you or your clients. On the other hand, an L desk can be placed in a corner, but also has a return face panel that is decorative and often with a desktop that overhangs the front of the desk providing a workspace for those seated across the desk from you.

Q: What kind of desks are best for storage and organization?

A: If you have no desk at the present, any desk will help bring organization and functional storage to your space. A Writer’s Desk or small computer desk is fairly unobtrusive and perfect for someone needing a spot to simply store a laptop or do small tasks. For the individual looking to add significant functionality, desk storage, and organization, an executive or corner desk is perfect for providing ample room to work as well as tons of storage.

Q: How can I customize a desk?

A: Unlike most imported furniture, Croft + Spire built to order Amish crafted furniture is highly customizable and built just for you. The flexibility of built to order furniture allows you to deviate from the standard sizes, colors, and functionality to create a piece that is designed and crafted uniquely for your space. Call or chat with us on our website today to customize a desk or any other piece of furniture.

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