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Amish built cupolas for barns, sheds and other outdoor structures.

When shingles or roof tiles just don’t do the trick when it comes to adding the crowning touch to your home or other outdoor structure, well-placed cupolas can add that spark of old world design that you’ve been looking for.

Cupolas were originally implemented to ventilate a building or let additional light into a space. While they are still used as such today, they are more of an accent piece than anything, which makes them great for crowning your outdoor gazebo, shed, barn, or even your home. While decorative cupolas tend to be smaller than their predecessors, they can still create a dynamic impression on your visitors.

Outdoor weather resistant cupolas:

Because all our Amish built cupolas are constructed of either Western red cedar or vinyl products such as AZEK, they boast a great resistance to rot, moisture and insects.  They are then capped with a shiny copper roof that is prepped to receive your favorite weathervane.

Custom Cupola:

A cupola can come in many different sizes, styles and shapes. Octagon and square bases, louvers and windows, and top shape are a few decisions that you will make to determine what cupola best fits your building.

Proper Cupola Sizing:

When determining the size of your cupola, the rule of thumb is: 1″-1.5″ of cupola base for every foot of a building’s roof line (e.g.: if your barn’s roof is 30′ long, you will want either a 30″ or a 42″ cupola).