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Canal Dover

CROFT + SPIRE & Canal Dover

Croft + Spire is a proud partner with Canal Dover furniture. We have methodically choosen shops that handcraft American made, solid hardwood furniture. All of our shops must share the same vision of quality and integrity that we value. If you have interest in other Canal Dover items that are not shown on our website, give us a call (860-375-1028), and we can easily order any of their products according to your customizations and inspirations.

Aligning closely with Croft + Spire’s strict standards, we believe that Canal Dover is qualified to provide you with the heirloom quality furniture that you deserve.

Canal Dover History

Canal Dover’s roots started as Valley View Oak. They have been crafting heirloom quality furniture in the OH Valley since 1989. Having started as a small business owned by a father/son team, they have grown quite a bit since then. They now fill a 55,000 square foot facility with approximately 80 employees and have equipment that ranges from hand tools to CNC routers. In 2009, they purchased the Canal Dover Furniture company, and moved the production to their main facility in Mt. Hope, Ohio. In an effort to avoid confusion, they decided to combine the Valley View Oak and Canal Dover Furniture lines under the Canal Dover Furniture name.

Canal Dover’s Philosophy

If you are looking for design, fit, finish, and the option of customization, you’ve found the right company. Our goal is to have up-to-date and well-engineered furniture that is built with excellence in mind. The details of how things fit together are crucial to us. It’s also important to us that the finish that protects your furniture is the best catalyzed conversion varnish available. Along with all of these standards, we also offer you more customization than other furniture companies. You can either stick with the standard product, or have us quote a completely custom piece just for you.

  • Design – Keeping up with trends is no easy feat anymore. That’s why we employ designers, and use the expertise of independent designers to bring you the best, up to date furniture in a variety of styles to fit your home. In the world of furniture, there’s such a wide variety of designs. The most typical in our area are the Traditional Amish looks that have become so well known over the past several decades. Then you’ll have the sleek Italian designs that catch the attention of the Modern lovers. We don’t want to fill every niche in the market, but our goal is to provide a great variety of up to date designs that can fit into most any walk of life. We use a combination of in-house designers and independent designers to come up with our mix of product.
  • Fit – We strive to provide you with furniture that not only looks good, but also functions well. Crooked doors and drawers, misaligned leaves, poorly functioning mechanisms, and shoddily installed moldings are things that don’t fly here. Doors, moldings, drawers, table leaves, mortise and tenons: there are so many places on a piece of furniture that demand a correct fit. We make it a priority to get that correct fit. Over the years, we have developed spacers, sanders, and techniques that help us achieve a proper fit.
  • Finish – Smooth and durable. It’s what we look for in our industry leading catalyzed conversion varnish. Whether you’ve chosen a simple stain color, or an intricate multi-step finish, it’s all protected with the same great topcoat. The finish on a piece of furniture is like the icing on a cake. You can have the most marvelous chocolate cake and if the icing looks appalling, you’ll have a hard time convincing people to try it. We strive to keep the icing very appealing. Whether it’s the updated colors or the state of the art equipment that we maintain, a lot of money is spent to insure that our finish only beautifies the craftsmanship that’s underneath.
  • Customize – If picking your wood, color, fabrics, and sizes isn’t custom enough for you, we’ve got a team of engineering and CAD specialists that work with skilled craftsmen to build that exclusive piece of furniture that you’ve been dreaming of. Since we don’t claim to be mind readers, we know that we won’t be able to please everyone with the furniture in our lineup. That’s why we offer the customization that we do. Some people consider a piece of furniture customized if they can pick the color and the size. Well, that’s a pretty standard procedure for us. Every piece is built to order, taking into consideration whatever species, color, or size specs that you give us. But if you want to have a really custom piece, we can do that too. Just send Croft + Spire a sketch or image of what you’re looking to create, then they’ll work with the craftsman at Canal Dover and provide a proposal for you. If you choose to proceed, Canal Dover will create 3D drawings for your approval before building the piece for you. See our Custom & Contract section for more info on this process.

Custom and Contract – Canal Dover builds custom pieces for Croft + Spire!

  • Planning Stage – Just like a piece of art, a custom piece of furniture starts out as a blank canvas. You tell Croft + Spire what direction you’d like to see this project going. It can be as simple as modifying one of Canal Dover’s standard pieces, or as complicated as designing your own piece, or anything in between. Once Canal Dover have a good idea of what you’re looking for, they will provide a proposal for the project. After the price has been agreed upon and the order has been placed, Canal Dover will get to work to provide a 3 dimensional CAD drawing for you to approve. This planning stage will also need to involve decisions about finish color, hardware, fabrics, etc.
  • The Crafting Stage – Once the planning stage has been nailed down with a signature from you, Canal Dover begins the fun part. First, they look over the project to make sure that they have all the parts that we need, and if not they order them. Then the project gets scheduled for their craftsmen to start turning this digital dream into reality. It’s no small feat to create a piece that’s never been created before. From the initial cut to the final protective topcoat, your custom piece will get a lot of tender loving care from people that have been creating furniture for a long time.
  • The Reward Stage – When it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your piece of art in the comfort of your own home. To know that you have a piece of furniture in your home that isn’t in any other home in the world is an awesome feeling! Enjoy it. Care for it. Use it. But most of all, preserve it for the next generation. Because you know that this will be a piece that will be fought over in the generations to come.

Bench Crafted

What does “bench crafted” mean? To us it means experienced craftsmen using their expertise to build one piece of furniture at a time. It means paying attention to details that typically go unnoticed in a high production assembly line. Fortunately, in our case it also means having hardworking Amish and Mennonite craftsmen who care about providing you with a beautiful piece of furniture. Wonderful things happen when you take the work ethic passed down from generation to generation of Amish and Mennonite families, and marry that with the time-tested techniques that have been in the furniture world for years.

Furniture Built For You

At Canal Dover they don’t build a bunch of products and then make you pick from an inventory. Each order is custom built for you, with your color and size specs in mind. In the past 20 years, they’ve put together a wide variety of collections. Feel free to use these collections as your springboard. Or if you’d rather be eclectic, join the individual pieces from different collections, and create a look that is completely you. Either way, you’ve got the advantage of having it built only for you.

Quality Features & Benefits

  • Dovetailed bedrail slats – solid wood slats are dovetailed to ensure the strongest joint possible.
  • Solid wood – Every piece of furniture is solid wood. Canal Dover does not cut any corners or sacrifice an ounce of quality. They guarantee your furniture will stand the test of time.
  • Dovetailed drawers – Although timely, the classic technique of dovetailing ensures the strongest joint possible. Look at any of the four dovetailed corners, and you can clearly see, these drawers were made to resist the daily pulling forces applied to the drawer front. Once Canal Dover’s craftsman pushes these joints together, nothing short of breakage will pull this drawer apart.
  • Full extension ball-bearing drawer slides – A full extension slide creates a smooth glide for easy drawer access.
  • Floating panel – Raised panel doors have “spacing balls” in the frame. This allows for natural expansion and contraction and prevents cracks and rattling.
  • Catalyzed Conversion Varnish – Canal Dover finishes off their furniture with a 7-step catalyzed varnish finish. Unlike other manufacturers, they use a top of the line conversion varnish with excellent resistance to water, scratching, common household spills, alcohol, yellowing and marring. Canal Dover’s catalyzed varnishes are the toughest and most durable finishes available in the furniture industry today.
  • Mortise and tenon joinery – Not popular in factory furniture, the mortise and tenon joinery used in their furniture achieves lasting results. This method creates a very strong joint and prevents the joint from coming loose.