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Miller Bedroom


Miller Bedrooms’ Story

Love, labor, and laughter have all been at home on the Miller Farm for five generations. Now heirloom quality furniture is as well. Woodworking was always a part of Myron Miller’s life. Making his living first in sawmills and then in carpentry instilled in him the desire to found a company that would produce solid hardwood furniture built to last for generations. In 1998, Myron founded Miller Bedrooms on the Miller Farm, with the goal of providing satisfying work for family and neighbors. The new company would create complete suites of heirloom quality bedroom furniture that he hoped would play a small part in enriching the daily lives of those who purchased it. Today, fourteen full time craftsmen work to fulfill his vision.


The Passion in Benchmade Furniture

Benchmade. Handcrafted. Heirloom quality. These words describe furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation and loved by each one. What goes into such a piece? It starts with the materials themselves. Only hand-selected solid hardwoods in species displaying the most beautiful grain are chosen, with strength and durability that are unsurpassed. A second key component is the construction techniques. No butt joints or nails here. Furniture is fitted together with mortise and tendon, tongue and groove, and dovetail joints, and the highest quality screws and structural hardware. Finally, there’s the care taken by the craftsman himself — cutting, sanding, drilling, gluing, and assembling with exceptional dedication and passion. It’s that passion, in the end, that elevates a very good piece of furniture to a superb one. One worthy of bearing the Miller Bedrooms name.


Pursuing Excellence in Every Detail

A crucial aspect of the quality of any piece, beyond materials, construction techniques, and careful assembly, is attention to detail, both functional and aesthetic. Here is how Miller Bedroom ensures this:

  • Frame construction with corner blocking adds strength
  • Safety is provided with positive drawer stops
  • Ease-of-use is built in with full extension drawer slides
  • Design elegance is not forgotten, from tapered legs to sweeping curves to masterful scrollwork. It’s easy to slap furniture together quickly and sell it for whatever the market will bear. But that kind of overseas mass-produced furniture bears no resemblance to Miller Bedrooms’ collections.


Customize your furniture. Make it uniquely yours.

  • Many designs spanning from contemporary to traditional to modern styles
  • 7 superior wood species– Decide what hardwood you are most interested in. Each has its own distinctive characteristics. Each piece is built with many individual boards and you may notice some natural variation in color. Lighter boards come from closer to the bark of the tree and vice versa for the darker ones. This is a hallmark of genuine hardwood furniture and a stamp of authenticity. No two boards are alike and every piece we build is a unique work of Nature.
  • 20+ stain/paint colors available – Beginning with one of seven superior hardwoods that have been sanded to achieve a super smooth surface, we apply the stain or paint color you choose. Stains are buffed to a gorgeous luster. The finished surface is super tough, resisting marks and stains of all kinds.
  • A vast array of hardware metals, styles and finishes – Your piece is complimented with the hardware of your choice.