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Placing an Order

Shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at You’ll receive notification after the order is confirmed and when it ships. For changes after an order has been placed, please call Customer Care at (866) 317-2418 M-F from 8am-5pm EST.

We accept Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® credit cards. Only one credit card will be accepted as we are unable to process an order on two separate credit cards. Please note that we are unable to accept Kloter Farms Gift Cards online at

Your credit card will be charged for the full price at the time of purchase.

Sales Tax

All merchandise purchases are subject to sales tax in accordance with the current state and local tax rates for the shipping/delivery destination. Estimated Sales Tax is calculated at the time of purchase and is generally based on the total selling price of each item, which, depending on local and state laws, may include discounts and shipping and processing charges. To the extent any of the factors affecting the calculation of sales tax change between the time you place an order and the time your credit card is charged, the amount appearing on your order as Estimated Tax may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged.

Delivery Methods

Because your handcrafted furniture is so unique and because we care so much about your new furniture, we believe that it should arrive in your home in first class. Our Signature In-Home Delivery means that your furniture:

Curbside Delivery Means:


Croft+Spire offers In-Home White Glove Delivery to the continental United States on our qualifying products for $199. Our flat rate delivery includes in-home delivery and set-up unless otherwise specified.

Because some metro areas and remote locations are difficult to access, additional fees may apply to some orders. This amount will not be added to the final total of the cart upon check out. Call 860-288-5117 or a Croft+Spire representative will call you following the placement of your order and notify you of the additional charges before your credit card is processed.

Furniture production usually takes between 8-12 weeks and the delivery window (time from completion of manufacturing until it comes to your door) usually takes a few weeks more. The delivery process will not begin until all the items have been paid for in full. Expect up to 15 weeks in total.

Please note that you are responsible for preparing your home for the arrival of your new furniture. Any items obstructing the area that your delivery personnel will be in should be removed. For the safety of your pets and small children, they should not be allowed into the area while the delivery people are there.

PLEASE NOTE: there are times where our white glove delivery teams cannot accommodate delivery into the room of your choice. For example:

  1. Some pieces of furniture are just too large to fit through narrow spaces. We encourage you to think about this before you place your order and be sure that the pieces that you are considering can navigate through your home and fit into the space that you have in mind.
  2. Our team will not try to force furniture inside windows or remove windows or doors to accommodate passage.

Our delivery teams usually make deliveries during standard business hours, Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5 PM. It is imperative that someone must be present during the delivery. In respect to our delivery teams, there may be circumstances that delay your furniture’s delivery. Some of these could include but are not limited to traffic, weather, or other uncontrollable events. We completely understand that you are excited to be receiving your shipment, but we ask that you please try to be understanding with them.

Due to the size of the delivery vehicle, there are a few things that are required for delivery:

  1. You must live on a passable road (10’ wide at a minimum, paved, no low overhangs, etc)
  2. Our drivers must be able to navigate the road without difficulty
  3. No weight restrictions on the road

NOTE: Some metro and remote areas may be subject to additional fees

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these requirements, please contact us at 866-317-2418. Failure to notify us of any potential delays could result in additional charges.

Delivery Inspection

Upon completion of the delivery process of your furniture you will be handed a packing slip by your driver. You are responsible to completely inspect your furniture from all angles and sides. Before the driver can leave your home or office, you will be required to sign off on the following items:

  1. You have received the proper piece(s)
  2. Your piece(s) are the proper color & finish
  3. Your piece(s) have the proper hardware and/or accessories
  4. Your piece(s) have been inspected and you have found no damage or defects
  5. You have read and understand terms and conditions on the packing slip as well as the wood care instructions

In the rare event that your furniture has been damaged during shipping or it does not match your invoice, you have the right to reject it while the driver is still at your home or office. It will then be placed back on the truck and we will replace or repair it at no additional charge, or refund your money at our discretion.

Return Policy and Restocking Fees

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for a valid reason, you are welcome to return your item to us within 30 days of delivery. We will let you know the cost associated with this as you the customer will be responsible the cost of all freight incurred.

Flat Rate Shipping promotional pricing does not apply to returns.

Your refund will be issued once the returned items land at our facility and are inspected.

Note: All returns must be preapproved by Croft + Spire representative.

Damaged Returns

When the item(s) arrive at our facilities, they will be thoroughly inspected by our highly trained furniture inspectors. If there is any damage found on the piece(s), the amount of your refund will be based on the condition of the furniture. It is highly recommended that before you package your items to send back to us that you carefully document with photos the condition of your furniture. If your pictures fail to show the product clearly, your refund amount will be left to our discretion. If the furniture leaves your home in perfect condition and the item arrives in a damaged state, you will be responsible to contact the insurance of the carrier to recoup any losses.


Refunds will be issued for cancellations occurring up to 10 business days after you place your order. Cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that if any work has already begun on your furniture, there will be no refund extended.

Collections, Colors, & Wood Finishes

We have spent many hours curating collections for our customers.  The reason that we do this is so that we can ensure that the various pieces within a collection will be finished together and thus be the most consistent in stains and paint color.  There are times when pieces are finished at different times or locations that the colors may not be as true as they would be if they were finished together.  If you choose to create a collection of your own outside of our suggested collections and are concerned about the finish or colors, we recommend that you contact us to see how we can try to avoid this.

Wood Attributes & Care 

Characteristics of Solid Wood Furniture
Croft+Spire provides what is considered to be some of the finest quality hand-crafted furniture available today. Construction is of solid wood taken from North American hardwood trees. In both manufacturing and finishing, we try to bring forth the character and beauty of the wood.
In working with hardwood lumber, it is expected that there will be variations in the color and grain. While we try our best to illustrate wood grains and stain/paint colors, there are times where the final product may come out different that what is shown in the images.  Since we are working with a natural product, we cannot be held responsible for misinterpreted or variances in colors or finishes.
Ultraviolet light from the sun and fluorescent fixtures can cause chemical changes in the wood and/or finish. Avoid placing furniture in an area where sun will shine directly on it. Keep furniture away from direct sources of heating and cooling. Avoid storing furniture in an attic or cellar type environment.
Hardwoods are a natural fiber. Therefore, even furniture like ours with high quality protective finish will swell or shrink slightly from one season to another. This is most commonly found where the two top surfaces meet on dining tables. Extremely dry conditions will have an opening effect in the grain of the wood. In a damp environment, it can swell and warp out of shape. Care needs to be exercised to avoid these extremes.

Temperature and Humidity Control
Temperature and humidity levels must be controlled. Solid wood furniture responds to the changes in temperature and humidity by expanding and contracting. Your indoor humidity should be controlled in the range of 35-45% relative humidity and temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (this can be measured by a simple household hygrometer and thermometer). Exceeding these levels will cause your solid furniture to expand and contract leading to cracking and surface checking. This is not considered defective workmanship. Although Croft+Spire does stand behind our quality products, we are not responsible for these types of conditions. The fact is, the larger the solid wood surface (such as a dining table), the more movement and chance of cracking in an uncontrolled environment. When the weather outside is cold the humidity levels are lower, plus most types of heating systems will lower levels as well, especially wood fired heat. A simple humidifier in the winter months can help control your humidity and be better for your health.

The Annual Ritual
Once a year, your hardwood furniture should be cleaned and polished completely. You can dissolve old wax and loosen soil with a non-abrasive cleaner. Again, use a mild soapy water treatment, drying with a soft cloth. Apply a “thin” coat of paste wax, allow to dry, and buff with a soft cloth, turning frequently to avoid a wax buildup.

Avoid Dry Dusting & Wiping
Dust and other normally occurring materials in a house contain tiny abrasive particles, much like fine sandpaper. When removed with a dry cloth they abrade the finish and cause tiny scratches. The result over time is a changed appearance particularly in the most used areas. Prevent this problem by using a dampened soft dusting cloth. The moistened cloth lubricates the surface, picks up dust and holds it so it is less likely to scratch the finish.

Keep It Clean
Immediately wiping up spills and splashes with a moistened cloth obviously keeps furniture clean, but more importantly you can easily avoid burdensome cleaning and finish abuse by not allowing the spill to set and harden.
For most routine hardwood furniture cleaning, a soft cloth with warm soapy water will do the trick. The use of well-formulated cleaning products without abrasives can be effective for those tougher cleaning tasks, but if you use these products, following up with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth will help extensively. Remember that it is important to frequently refold a clean side as the cloth becomes dirty. A soiled, damp cloth can redeposit soil on the finish.

Those Easy-Care Products
Avoid polishes that contain silicone. Use others sparingly if at all. Your finish does not benefit from them, and they tend to build up a film on the finish that will attract dust and soil making the annual ritual more difficult.

Sales Tax

Croft+Spire is registered to collect tax in OH, MA, CT, & RI.  Customers living outside of these states are responsible for any sales tax implications associated with any sale from Croft+Spire.